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Regarding your Featured Link display position :

The Featured Links are displayed in the left sidebar of the PTCBox.Me Ads, at the green marked section of the picture below :

PTCBox.Me Featured Links Position

To maintain high exposure quality levels we will only diplay up to 10 Featured Links at all times, in random order. When more than 10 orders are submitted the system will automatically display the first 10 and put the rest in a queuing system. Once one of the 10 displayed featured links expire the next one in the queue will take its place. If you submit and confirm your Featured Link right now it will be activated at the date displayed here.

This way we guarantee that your Featured Link will be displayed at every page load for the time you have paid for, but it will not be static causing visitors to ignore it after seeing it multiple times on the same spot. The Featured Links list will always look fresh like it is being rotated but in fact it is only the displaying order that will be random.

Also this way all Featured Links share the same probability of being clicked which make this system special and much better than common text ad rotators. We have spent a lot of time coding the site to naturally adapt to lower resolutions using advanced CSS methods, so it will be normally viewed even at screens with very low resolutions.

Featured Link Customization

In PTCBox.Me Ads you have the option to customize the way your Featured Link will look like.
  1. You are free to use UPPERCASE or lowercase letters (or mix both types as you desire - there is no limit here).
  2. You can alter the color of your link using HTML color codes directly.
  3. You can also use our premium bold option for only a +$0.50 price increase regardless of the duration pack.
  4. You can use up to 64 characters for your link's text. (This is ensures that your link will be easy to read but also long enough to cover your needs)
  5. You can use up to 128 characters for your link's description that will show up when a visitor hovers his mouse over your link.

Featured Link Packages and Pricing

In the table below you can view the available Featured Links packages and pricing.

  7 Days Duration 15 Days Duration 1 Month Duration
Normal Featured Link $4 $7 ($1 discount) $12 ($4 discount)
Bold Featured Link $4.5 $7.5 ($1 discount) $12.5 ($4 discount)

Please carefully check the availability date here before placing your order.

Ad Confirmation

By submitting a Featured Link you agree that you will receive a confirmation email (this will be at no case considered spam) in which you will need to click the confirmation link provided. The specific time that you confirm your Featured Link will be the deciding factor of the exact date that it will become active.

Example :
Two advertisers (A, B) submit a Featured Link to our system.
Advertiser A submits his Featured Link at 2013-07-27 18:23 and clicks the confirmation link he received by email at 2013-07-27 18:40.
Advertiser B submits his Featured Link at 2013-07-27 18:25 and clicks the confirmation link he received by email at 2013-07-27 18:30.
At this case Advertiser B's Featured Link will be queued to be placed first because it was confirmed first even though Advertiser A submitted his own one earlier but delayed the confirmation link clicking.

If at any case you receive a confirmation email for a Featured Link that you have not submitted yourself please contact us for support.

Ad Flexibility

Remember you can change your Featured Link's details such as text, target link, description and color even after it has been activated. If you require such a change please use our Ad Manager to request ad details updates. When doing so please note that you will have to insert your order id and pin code to verify you are the rightful owner of the ad and prevent unauthorized changes. You can find your personal pin code at the confirmation email you received when you placed your ad. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to change your Featured Link's boldness state.

Ad Content

Your Featured Link's content must comply with our Terms of Service. Please use common sense when placing your ads. We will not approve Featured Links that violate any of our T.o.S.. We also have the right to black list your email and deny our services to you if you intentionally violate these rules, or repeatedly fail to comply.


Currently we only support payments through PayPal and Payza. However it is in our plans to add more payment options in the future. We will do our best to satisfy your needs, if you face any problems using our system please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Traffic Quality

In order to provide you with the best results for your campaigns we will drive traffic from many different sources including established PTC sites such as Clixten, Scarlet-Clicks, Bucks247 etc. More sources will be added as we go. Therefore, if you're interested in getting referrals for PTC sites our ads page is a great option for you. Just make sure you pick an appropriate eye cathing title and description when you place your ad. You can view our last week's traffic stats here just to get a picture of the amount of visitors this page receives daily :

Current Stable Incoming Traffic Sources :

You can see a detailed overview of our last two months' visitors in the table below. We will update the table every month with the details of the previous two months and their comparison.

PTCBox.Me Effective and Afordable Banner Advertising Methods
  1. - (LexiGrid)

    Advertise on LexiAdz

  2. - (GPTGRID)

    Advertise on GPT Planet

  3. - (PTC Ad)

    Advertise on MyFreeShares

  4. - (ScarletGrid)

    Advertise on ScarletClicks

  5. - (PTC Ad)

    Advertise on AdzPot

  6. - (PTC Ads)

    Advertise on ClixTen

  7. - (GrandGrid)

    Advertise on GrandClick

  8. - (PTC Ad)

    Advertise on PaidVerts.com

  9. - (JillsClickCorner PTC)

    Advertise on JillsClickCorner

  10. - (YouRoMail PTR)

    Advertise on YouRoMail.com

  11. - (Planet-Traffic PTC)

    Advertise on Planet-Traffic

  12. - (DonkeyMails PTC)

    Advertise on DonkeyMails

  13. - (GetPaidMail PTR)

    Advertise on GetPaidMail

Site Launch Date : 2013-07-27

Thank you advertising with us, we look forward to working with you again!

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