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Downline Builder Rules (Read 4345 times)
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Downline Builder Rules
1st May, 2013 at 8:34pm
These rules apply to the Downline Builder section of this forum. The downline builder is a helpful method to get
at least one referral when joining a single level program or one referral per tier when joining a multi-level program.

Downline Builder Guidelines-Rules

1. The downline builder is now available to all Members ranks.
(Please refer to the Member Ranking Rules for details)

2. You are allowed to create ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PROGRAM.
Multiple threads for a single program defeat the purpose of the downline builder and therefore violate these rules.
If two members create a thread each for the same program, the one that was created second will be removed.

3. Before creating a thread, you MUST search it's domain name using the "Search" option on the forum's menu (NOT the search box).
Make sure you set these search options :


Please, make sure you type the program's name correctly. If you don't follow this process and you post a program
that has already been added to the downline builder your post will be considered spam.

4. When creating a new entry the Subject MUST start with the program's domain name-address.
(etc.: "Neobux.com - The innovation in PTCs")

5. You MUST provide details about the program and then add your referral link at the bottom of the post.
(For example, check my GetRef.com entry for a proper way of posting)

Entries that do not include at least the programs basic information will removed.

6. Your referral link should not be shortened or filtered.
http://tinyurl.cough?blablabla is
SolidSnake's ref link -> is
http://www.ptcbox.me/links.php?id=SolidSnake -> is

7. There's no way for us to confirm if a member posting under another member has actually joined the program
as his referral. We will not be held responsible if the chain gets broken because of people cheating. It is your
own responsibility to confirm that a member did really join using your referral link. In case you find out that
someone didn't and is just spamming to get referrals please report it to the moderators as soon as possible
and the member will most likely get banned from the forum.

8. Make sure the programs you add in the downline builder are not breaking any of the forum rules.

9. The downline builder is not to be used for discussing. In case you have any question about a program
feel free to use an appropriate section of the forum based on what the program is about or through a
personal message to the admin or the thread starter. Moderators have the right to move or remove such

Last Updated : 2014-03-08
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