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By using our advertising services you must agree to the following terms.
We have the right to deny our services to any user that disrespects these terms.

Advertisements – Content

PTCBox.Me offers advertising space to its users. It can be used to promote external links. External links are at most of the cases not related to PTCBox.Me and therefore we will not be held responsible for any damage or harm caused by visiting them. We always check the links our advertisers submit before approving them, however we can at no way guarantee that they are safe, so you are required to use extra caution when visiting them, especially when you are requested to enter sensitive personal information. If you need help identifying if a source is to be trusted or not feel free to seek advice through our forum.

Your advertisement must not contain links to content that is : illegal, containing or being infected by malware, defamatory, containing violent themes, abusive, vulgar, hateful, promoting racism, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented-adult, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, religious oriented or otherwise in violation of ANY law.

We allow sites that redirect to other sites and sites that load other sites within frames as long as those sites follow the content rules described above as well. Due to the nature of our targeted traffic our advertising is more effective when used to promote online money making products such as GPT programs, e-books, etc.

At any case however we reserve the right to deny any advertisement that we do not see fit to be displayed.

Spam – Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to deny access to any user/email/IP address that is found to be using incorrect information, abusing or spamming our system at any way.

We will not send you any email that contains links pointing outside the PTCBox.Me domain. The only exception to this rule is that we have the right to send you a copy of your order details including the links you have submitted for your own advertising purposes. Therefore we will not use your email to promote anything beyond our own (PTCBox.Me) advertising services and site related sections on the same domain (such as our forum, articles etc).

Email messages regarding your account control and ad submissions such as confirmation/approval/denial/update notices and some important updates regarding our services are not considered spam. You agree to receive these emails when you submit a new advertising order.

At any case you are allowed to use an opt-out link that is included in your order confirmation email. Clicking that link will break our agreement and prevent you from placing any more orders. You can easily revert that action by contacting us through our contact form.

We hate spam as much as you do and we will not sell your information to third parties or share them with anyone outside the PTCBox.Me staff.

Traffic and Advertising Packages

PTCBox.Me Ads is an advertising page that is receiving daily traffic from GPT related sites and offers advertising space so that our advertisers benefit from this extended exposure. This means that our traffic is based on the amount of visitors these external sites deliver us and we are constantly adding more and more incoming traffic sources to improve our services quality and increase our advertising audience size. However we cannot guarantee any specific amount of daily traffic that we will receive, because it depends heavily on these external sites that are beyond our own control. We will not be held responsible for any decrease in the amount of daily traffic we receive or send to the sites advertised on PTCBox.Me Ads page.

All our advertising packs are currently based on a time related factor and we do not offer guaranteed visitors or guaranteed ad views pack. But we publish our incoming traffic daily to help you get an overview of the average exposure size that your ads will receive.

When you confirm your ad we let you know of the exact starting and ending dates of your ad’s exposure duration. However these dates are estimates based on our automated queuing system and may be changed in some cases. For example :

If one of the advertisements queued before yours gets cancelled your ad will be displayed earlier. If there are technical problems on the site and more than 12 hours of exposure are lost then one more day will be added in all advertisements causing your advertisement to become activated one day later.

To prevent our mail server abuse we do not send these changes through email but we will announce them on our announcements section of the PTCBox.Me Ads page.

We reserve the right to make changes to the available advertising options or adjust our prices whenever we believe it is necessary without the need of notifying you beforehand or afterwards.

Payments – Refund Policy

It is our goal to support most of the major electronic payment processors that are available to make our services available to more and more people.

We currently accept payments from the following payment processors :


You may create an account for them as our own affiliate by signing up through the links provided above, if you have not already joined them until now. More payment options will be added in the future and these terms will be updated whenever they get intergraded in our script and become available for purchases.

Since our products/services get delivered electronically based on an automated system all payments are non-refundable. Any attempt to open disputes against us will lead to a permanent denial of our services to your username, contact/payment email and IP address.

To ensure your satisfaction at some rare cases we might decide to offer you additional advertising or even a partial or full refund if we feel you have been unfairly treated and there is no other way to counterbalance the inconvenience caused by our system, but keep in mind that this will be entirely up to us to decide and you are not allowed to personally request such a refund.

Legal Disclaimer

We have our own custom developed script that we designed for this specific website and implemented some of the most advanced anti-hacking techniques available to ensure our services security. However since there are no 100% safe anti-hacking measures we will not be held responsible for any information loss or theft caused by hacking or other type of unethical attacks.

We always keep regular backups so that we can recover our site and archived data at any time, and we will do our best to make sure we will not suffer severe data loss at any case. However we will not be held responsible for any information/data loss caused by any mechanical failure or other disaster caused by force majeure.

Also we will be forced to hand out any document that could probably include your information, if ordered to do so by law enforcement agencies or government authorities or if at some extreme abusing cases we decide to pursue legal action against you.

Regarding these terms

We will most likely make an announcement when we make critical updates to these terms, however we may modify these terms at any time, if it is necessary, without having to inform you about it. Therefore it is your own responsibility to read these terms and agree with them every time you decide to use our services.

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