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Message started by moneymarketing on 5th Feb, 2017 at 1:16pm

Title: Barter My Funds
Post by moneymarketing on 5th Feb, 2017 at 1:16pm
Barter My Funds was created by a crowd-funding website called MyTrafficValue to bring everyone a better experience when dealing with online currency.

BarterMyFunds offers an attractive affiliate program for all of our registered members let others know about and use our services and we will appropriately reward you for any exchanges your referrals make!

Advantages of our affiliate program:

    Earn a part of each transaction made by your referrals, available to cashout at will!
    Vast variety of cashout options available.
    Attractive rewards for affiliates, with a 3-level affiliate program. The more your referrals use our services, the bigger your share of any transactions they make!
    Reliable, stable and trustworthy platform.

Affiliate program structure

Our affiliate rewards are simple for every transaction made by your referrals you will get a part of the volume transacted paid to your BarterMyFunds account instantly. The reward rate depends on your Affiliate level, which is based on the overall volume of transactions made by all of your referrals combined.
Level      Reward Rate (% of transaction volumes)      Min volume transacted by referrals
Junior      0.10%      0.00 USD
Senior      0.15%      500.00 USD
Expert      0.21%      5,000.00 USD

Fun fact: With a referral reward rate of 0.21% you will basically receive a share of up to 90% of the profits we make on transactions!

Share your referral link or use the QR code below and anyone signing up to BarterMyFunds under that link will become your referral!

Referral URL: https://bartermyfunds.com/y4Sx1CCsvXZK

I think Rui joined under me so he may want to put his in the next spot

Title: Re: Barter My Funds
Post by ruicarlov on 8th Feb, 2017 at 1:37pm
Here it goes:


Title: Re: Barter My Funds
Post by SolidSnake on 16th Feb, 2018 at 10:48am
Joined up under Rui.. here's the link for the next one:


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