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Message started by moneymarketing on 5th Apr, 2021 at 10:14am

Title: ezhitzs
Post by moneymarketing on 5th Apr, 2021 at 10:14am
I'm currently testing this site. It is best described as a downline builder with focus.

The reason it is so intriguing to me is that it takes many of the sites we already know and organizes them in a way that creates a credit synergy.

Sites like:

Traffic Ad Bar
Leads Leap
Many of the paid to promote banner sites
Viral ad te co-op
Viral URL

And many more. In running through the programs I've either registered or integrated into it 28 programs. What it is designed to do is take all your paid or credit promotion links and put them to good use. Once that happens the credits from those links fold back into each other creating more credits and links. On top of that, they have a site that has a built-in opt-in page system and marketing setup which you also promote. This brings people in and gets them signing up to build their own perpetual motion traffic machine.

The whole idea is to build up your traffic machine and then they have a setup where with a few clicks, you can plug what you want to promote into it.

Another benefit is that most of these sites are multi-level. And I mean deep multi-level. Deep like Leads Leap deep

The two main downsides are

1. They rely on auto surfers to get your machine started (which is not an issue for us but does introduce something back into our industry that should be dead)

2. They seem to favor sites that have an anti-PTC bias so, yes, they come mainly from the TE arena though they only use two or three TEs (but many credit exchangers that only value TE traffic)

So, as I said, I'm not sold on the program. I have sort of a medium-level interest in it but if it can do what it says, my interest will go up dramatically. I've only tested it with a few hundred hits at this point and it seems to be creating activity at the outside exchangers. I'm finally cluing in on how to use Traffic Ab Bar properly and that alone is worth the price of admission. It also allowed me to pursue another angle of my hobby (internet marketing) for a couple of days. So for that, I am grateful.

That said, this is for serious marketers only. It took me a couple of days to set up and I am in many of the programs already. Because I can plug a ton of traffic into it, this is ideal for people like me. This is why I was talking about MPAM the other day because this is just like it (MPAM 2.0) and something I have been looking for for a long time

This is the site link that explains it. If you guys are interested, I'll put it in the downline builder.

Until then, I'll test it and let you know my results


BTW, reload the page and watch the clock  [smiley=lolx.gif]

Title: Re: ezhitzs
Post by moneymarketing on 8th Apr, 2021 at 7:47pm
Well, after 15000 page views (not all of which were registered at the site) I managed to procure...

1 referral.   :-?


Suffice it to say, I don't think the crowd is ready for this. I think maybe gone are the days that people seek traffic first in order to create income.

That said, I also think this program was a monumental accomplishment that had a few fatal flaws. Since he doesn't seem to want to answer emails (one of those red flags that could possibly relate to the supposed military strength spam blocking help desk software), maybe he will read about it here.

The first flaw is that it panders to the software of the last decade. Namely traffic exchanges. I'm not knocking TEs but many of them still charge $5 for 1000 hits. That they haven't clued in yet and that many of their sites think plus 10k members after ten years, is an accomplishment, you can see where this can bog everything down.

That leads to flaw two. Credit bleed. As I said, I sent over 15K views to the site. While it led to a good number of banner views, it led to a net of about 100 views on the main gateway site that feeds the TE views. Sure, I can produce that but how many others can? They offer autohits as the solution but that just dilutes the quality of the traffic you are trying to build.

Third, they are relying on only a few TEs to get everything done. TrafficG is large enough but slow. TS25 gave me about 20 hits per day (on the 50K residual credits in there that I didn't know I had), and traffic era still hasn't given me any hits because I didn't meet their 100 hit minimum to start a campaign. I've barely generated 10 credits from their system using their CTP(credits to promote) setup. Normally, I would wait it out but how many of my referrals will?

Fourth, they are aligned with some interesting characters. The viralURL crew that loves to fill your inbox with many emails per day and no way to opt-out unless you quit their site altogether.  :-/ You actually get advised to use a dump email and/or send them straight to the trash bin. What is the point for the few hits you are going to get from their 'massive' 14K userbase?

So, suffice it to say, they have a long way to go and should definitely try to bring their idea into the PTC realm where most sites have 10K active members as opposed to 10K total members.

I have a feeling that won't happen.

It was still worth the effort for me. It helped me understand much better how some of the sites work and I will be taking those out and using them in my new mini traffic machine. I'll finally upgrade BoB as I see their ISP page as a key in the machine. That along with Traffic Ad Bar and Leads Leap gives me a nice framework to build around. I'll use those to focue on build my LL downline and DLF.

So back to my philosophy of:

Cash/credit flow

I have the cash/credit flow from PV/PTCS and DLF. I'll use those to expand BoB/TAB/LL and a few others

Title: Re: ezhitzs
Post by moneymarketing on 11th Apr, 2021 at 6:53pm
I haven't totally abandoned the project. I was going to but then I realized I did all that work and the email campaign does a lot of work to recruit you. So I figured that if someone signed up to that opt-in page they could be convinced to run through the whole project. That would give me plenty of benefits as an upline. So I decided to strip out my membership from the list-building sites that clog up the mailbox and then just promote a banner with the lead capture page.

If people click on the banner (which they do at a good rate) Then it will be a nothing ventured, nothing gained sort of thing. If the thing takes off and gains a life of its own then that is a bonus on top.

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