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How to create, upload and post a payment proof - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING (Read 2689 times)
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How to create, upload and post a payment proof - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING
10th Jan, 2013 at 6:31pm
When you get paid by a program it is good for everyone if you post a payment proof in this section. This way more members might be interested in joining it and possibly contact you for more info. Then you get a chance to create partners and affiliates.

Keep in mind that referral links are not allowed here as it is considered spam. However anyone interested in a program is free to contact you through PM and request your referral link so that they join under you.

Here's how to create a Payment Proof :

Step 1 : Take a screenshot of your payment details. (PayPal, Payza, etc.)

Step 2 : Edit your screenshot in order to hide sensitive information. It's important that the amount and date of your payment are clearly visible.
Posting fake screenshots or screenshots that do not belong to you might lead to your X-PTCBox account banning

Open your screenshot with Paint and use a tool to make your email and transaction ID unreadable.

Example Screenshot :


Step 3 : Upload your screenshot to a reliable online image hosting site, such as ImageShack.us.

Step 4 : Go to the Payment Proofs board here in X-PTCBox forum.

Step 5 : Click "Start new topic" and use this form as subject and message :

Subject Form :

[SiteName.com] - Payment Proofs - By [Username]

Example Thread Subject :

CashClixs.com - Payment Proofs - By SolidSnake

In the text body of your post feel free to express your feelings regarding the payment but follow this method to post your screenshot :

  • Post the link of your screenshot.
  • Mark your link and click the image icon : ...

Notes/Extra Rules :

Post all your payment proofs for that program in that thread. Be careful and
never create a new thread for payment proofs from the same program
. Create one thread for each program and then make a new post for every new payment proof you get.

All member types are free to post and reply to the Payment Proofs section. However abusing the system just to advertise your signature or raise your posts count might lead to warning and possibly account banning.

Etc. It's normal to congratulate a member for getting paid by a program. However getting online just to post "Congrats" to all members that got paid is considered spamming and if nothing else.. nonsense and boring. Wink
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