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About punctuation (Read 1509 times)
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About punctuation
10th Sep, 2014 at 7:00pm
Just a while ago I misread one setence by Snake, by somehow seeing a comma when it wasn't there.

This reminded me of a joke about punctuation, made about the times when Portugal was under a dictatorship by Salazar.

As most dictatorships, if you were caught badmouthing the government in public, it was off to the slammer.

So one time a guy was writing the following on the wall

salazar deve morrer não faz falta à nação
(salazar should die he's not needed in this nation)

A cop sees this and prepares to arrest the man. But then he suddenly says: Wait, I'm not done with the punctuation yet. He hurriedly adds it and it became like this:

salazar deve morrer? não! faz falta à nação.
(salazar should die? no! he's needed in this nation.)

Grin of course that particular setence only works well with Portuguese, Spanish (maybe Italian) since 'no' and 'not' are the same word and we don't need an explicit subject in the second half of the setence. But the power of punctuation is still remarkable.
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