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Interesting Find Regarding Lost Grid Traffic (Read 1361 times)
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Interesting Find Regarding Lost Grid Traffic
1st Nov, 2014 at 3:49pm
After checking out some of my last month's grid ad campaigns I realized that the traffic that the source sites reported I had received was much larger than what I actually received from them.

So I decided to investigate things to see why is that happening.
After running a couple of tests, I figured out that members that when members viewing grid ads on several sites use AdBlock do not load my site at all..

This was a surprise to me because I have a mechanism that detects adblocking or javascript blocking software and notifies the member to kindly disable it if he wants to view my site's content. (When this happens the site appears behind a transparent filter and the visit is recorded).

However when a user is viewing ads in an external site through a grid, my site appears within a frame.
If adblock is on and blocks that whole frame, then no content is loaded at all so that hit is not recorded by my tracker.

When members try to view PTC ads in a PTCEvolution script, the ads do not show up if adblocking software is on, so the member is unable to click on them and visit them, and thus get credited for that.

However I now realize that this doesn't happen when a member is visiting the site's grid. He is allowed to click on boxes and the sponsor's site is loaded within a frame. So, if adblocking software is on then the advertising is lost while the click is recorded as a visit within their site.

This causes a huge loss in advertising and is an important factor on the actual price per hit ratio..
Some sites report up to 3 times more traffic than the actual traffic I have received.

I will try to get in touch with some admins and let them know about it.
Maybe a measure can be taken in order to not allow members to view grid ads without disabling adblocking software firstly. Sad
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