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Rotate4All (Read 1508 times)
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18th Sep, 2017 at 7:17pm
First off, an apology.

When Dan first told me about the site I didn't realize he was planning to bring this to the board. I joined with the thought that it was just a backend earner and not very significant. Then he suggested I post this here and that is where the problem starts.

We need to understand that we can't be doing back end deals because it undermines the spirit of co-operation here. If someone goes through the time, effort and money to test a site, then that should be the only person to promote it up front. If after you post the site and no one shows interest, then we can do the private messages to convince others to join.

Why would you guys have any incentive to join or offer your finds if you are always being put on the bottom of something Dan and I have already joined ahead of you?

That would be us using and exploiting you for our own purposes and that is not really fair.

If we can't trust each other who can we trust?

So that being said, if you have a site that you think passes the basic standards of the people here, then post it first and try to recruit others later

In the spirit of that understanding, I'll also post Dan's referral link here and if you want to join under him that would probably be better

On to business.

Once again, the only reason I am posting this is because I think you guys can benefit. Being members of both FC and YGP you should have some credits available. This might be where you want to spend them. This is a nice passive earner. Your earnings depend site to site but this will make you money where a site like Donkey mails is not accepted or where you need to ask Sebas to get it approved. The earnings are modest but since you are getting a 20% return on your shares, this just adds gravy. Here is the earnings table


BTW those 'levels' are country tiers, not referrals levels. If it was that this would be much better.

As I said, to be fair, you guys can chain under Dan and we can get everything right the next time  Smiley

Dan's referral link:


My referral link:


If you want to discuss this site you can click here. Please only post your referral links in this section

Discussion topic:

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Re: Rotate4All
Reply #1 - 19th Sep, 2017 at 4:27pm
Okay, I'm in under mm.
This is my link: http://www.rotate4all.com/ptp/promote-90327

It seems to have a different format than MM's, but that's the only one that shows in my dashboard  Dont know
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Re: Rotate4All
Reply #2 - 20th Sep, 2017 at 1:20am
To get your referral link you need to browse to the "My Referrals" page, then click on "Promo Banners" and get the link out of them (href="referral_link").

So, I'm now in under Rui. Smiley

Here's my ref link:
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