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AllAdsWork (Read 768 times)
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2nd Jun, 2018 at 9:01pm
I'm going to label this one speculative with a huge but. The specualtive part is that it is almost exactly like traffic monsoon which we all know was busted by the US Government. Not because it was a ponzi per se but because the USG said it was a ponzi. Because TM had most of their funds in paypal, they were able to freeze their funds and wipe them out

TM did offer traffic as a service though. So you can't argue it was a ponzi but the USG had them over a barrel and it was based in the US so he was toast.

That said, this runs the same way. It sells advertisements, you need to click ten ads per day in order to earn (which keeps the traffic moving), I don't know if TM paid on multi-levels but this one does. Five levels to be exact which is why I figured it would be attractive to our team.

You don't need to buy an ap pack to earn but if you do, you will earn 120% of your purchase. So the numbers are not too extreme to achieve.

The community seems to have accepted it having 32000+ members and growing by a few hundred per day. So this seems to have gained favor but it is still young which are two of the points we look for in these things

So everything speaks to a good risk except the biggest one which is the USG. How ironic that a supposed 'capitalistic' government would be the worst thing for us to face in a business opportunity

So the big but is that with no paypal or payza it is going to be hard to stop this site since it takes bitcoin, payeer and perfect money. It is based in the UK though I think the admin lives in the US so there could be a risk there.

Personally, I'm looking at this as one of my 'build up another ad vehicle' until this thing gets tested by government scrutiny and comes out safe. Until then it should gain a lot of members which will make it a great ad vehicle.

There is also a problem there. They don't accept PTCs or revenue shares as advertising. This is a little bizarre since that is where they will be getting a lot of members. That could also change in the future as members start to demand that. It does make what you put in there for advertising a little difficult but not impossible. Advertising your payment processors, for example, is one option. There are many others but I'm not going to worry about that until my credits start to get large

I haven't tested R4A. I'm not sure it would be accepted since it does let the PTCs be advertised

Sign up here. If you are still skeptical, view the admin's video on the home page


anyway, my classification for this site is good risk. Any questions you have you can ask here

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